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Glory Days
Helene Raman
First time order

Aishah, customer service, was very helpful and friendly. Hope flowers & delivery will also be good.

Pastel Love (MD)
nita basu
Flower is smaller than what I expected

I ordered the flower for house warming event for a friend, and when I saw the delivered flower, it was smaller than I thought.

Something Nice
Yvonne Brown
Speech Successfully 演講成功

Speech between 2-4pm

Edward Sukendar
Late order

Ordered for 9am-1pm delivery (paid extra) but was notified 1 day prior that it can only be delivered between 1-6pm with high priority given. However, the final delivery came at last minute and was 20 minutes late passed 6pm. Ruin the moment for my wife's birthday that day.

Poor quality

Different colour and arrangement from the photo. Flowers are unfresh and the colour is yellow and withered. The message is folded inside with very small font size and zero design. Not good experience...

18th Birthday

Happy 18th birthday! Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness. Love and support you all the time.🩷❤️🧡

Soulmate (Valentine)
Piss poor wrapping, Good flowers quality

Second year ordering from Flower-chimp for my loved-one’s, had a brilliant experience with the "Jade" order last year. This year, flowers are fresh as usual, but their wrapping this year is a complete disaster and an unprecedented level of screw-up. The surrounding red roses squash the white rose in the middle, everything is so tightly packed together with little space in between. Gave people a suffocating feeling, and worst of all, they stapled the card on the wrapping paper and it was impossible to open and read the card without ruining the wrapping paper or the card. These two flaws ruined the whole design and ruined the mood of the very person receiving the flowers. A piss poor design and wrapping, very different from the advertised photos, will NOT order from this company anymore.

Sana Mirza
7 January

I really love you my husband and happy purpose

Sana mirza

Happy anniversary to my husband

Very disappointing turnout for the flowers

Requested the 9am to 1pm delivery time slot, but the flowers came at 6:30pm. Was hoping to surprise my aunt with beautiful flowers on her birthday, only to be disappointed by the half wilted flowers that look nothing like the picture.

Ophelia Le
Very disappointing turnout with the flowers

Requested the 9am to 1pm delivery time slot, but the flowers came at 6:30pm. Was hoping to surprise my aunt with beautiful flowers on her birthday, only to be disappointed by the half wilted flowers that look nothing like the picture.

Blushing Ballad
Vincent Fung


You don’t get what you see here

Be prepared to get only half of what you see on the website. The pink roses are not fresh and the white eustoma are much smaller than those in the pic, and some of them are yet to bloom, making the whole bouquet look so empty. Now I understand why they don’t allow us to upload photos here…

Very bad

The real flowers look nothing like the picture. Flowers and leaves are not very fresh. The actual product looks very cheap.

Beaming Love
Bad quality!!!!!!

Does not look like the picture at all, not fresh and withered!!!! So disappointed, and I have to buy a new one real quick!!!!! So bad, don’t buy!!!

Just For You
Wrong color & wrong packing

The flowers that we received were completely different to the reference photo! I was expecting a bunch of pink roses like the reference photo shows, however, it turned out pink became red and yellow and there wasn't a single pink rose and the packing was completely different too! Very disappointing!!!

very satisfied

I'm very satisfied. very nice and very reliable. Thank you and greetings from Germany.

Just For You
Wrong color & packing of the flowers

No matter whether the color of flowers and the packing are completely different from the reference photo!
I ordered a bunch of pink roses but there isn't a single pink rose! Pink became red and white! Very disappointed!!!

Blushing Ballad
Buy the flower if you would like to ruin the moment

The flower look great on the web, but upon arrival, the flower does not look the same as the actual. it is mostly white in colour. it is most suited for going to funeral than a birthday party. below istheir email repsone

"We understand your concern that your arrangement is not as vibrant as what we have advertised on our website.

Please note that the size of the bouquet, shades, color, and stages of bloom might vary from the pictures shown.
The flowers, fillers, and foliage in our bouquets come to us from the wholesaler in different shades of colors and stages of bloom.

Flowers are perishable items and they are not guaranteed to be completely flawless, we appreciate the understanding from all the customers

However, we assure you that the flowers used for that particular arrangement are according to our standard Blushing Ballad arrangement.

Nonetheless, refer to the picture provided from your side, we can see all the flowers are in place as per the quantity that we have mentioned.
Unfortunately, it is the nature of the fresh floral product where beyond our control."

Just For You
Yan Yu/Bill
Colour o flower not match

Colour of flowers not matched. Pink became red. And the even the pink colour differs from the picture. Pls contact me for follow up. I can show u the picture.

Sweet Kisses
Serena Chan
Misleading pictures on web

It is not I expected and not alike to the picture from the website, spending almost HKD$600 to get such a small “premium”bouquet, it does not worth it. Very disappointed. Dear consumers please don’t take the pictures you see above as references, you wont get that size of bouquet and that beautiful arrangement of the flowers. Sad that here wont allow me to upload what I got.

Quality of products

Packing and flowers are great!

Just For You
Eva Leung
Beautiful roses

The roses are fresh and beautiful and they are nicely wrapped.


親愛心怡。生日快樂 心想事成


Flowers were OK, but came with no vase or anything to hold water. Bit of a disappointment.