你如何關心鮮花和措辭。 Flower Chimp為您提供的卡片信息收集將幫助您在任何場合用語言表達您的感受。

  • The beauty of these roses cannot match the beauty and depth of the love I feel for you.
  • You are always in my heart!
  • The times we spend together are the best times that I know. I am a better person because you've made me so.
  • I am yours - please be mine !
  • For the love of my life
  • I usually tell you "I love you" two or three times day, today, I'll make it a dozen
  • Thank you for being everything I could ever want. You've filled my life with joy
  • With you it's Valentine's day 365 days a year


  • A great big wish for lots of happiness
  • You're such a special friend! It's a pleasure to remember you anytime, especially on your birthday.
  • You're not getting older, you're getting better.
  • With age comes wisdom. You're one of the wisest people I know!
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday . . . And many more!
  • In celebration of your birthday
  • Have a Great day ahead!


  • We miss you! Come back soon!
  • Good health starts with a happy heart. Hope these flowers start the job!
  • To brighten your day!
  • If I told you to "Get Well Soon," it wouldn't be soon enough. Get Well Now.
  • Our thoughts are with you. Get well soon! Thinking of you.
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery
  • 祝您早日康復
  • Sending you some get well cheer!
  • Hoping these flowers brighten not only your room, but your heart today


  • This is not the beginning of the end, simply the end of the beginning
  • We share in your celebration of the new life you created!
  • We welcome your dear new child to this world with love
  • Welcome to the family!
  • Congratulations on your newest family member!
  • Enjoy being a Mom!
  • A little one brings so much fun!
  • Another miracle in this world. Welcome!
  • Babies are special, babies are fun, congratulations on your new little one!
  • Congratulations and best wishes
  • Congratulations, and enjoy the years together!
  • Enjoy this special time!
  • Little Prince/Princess, Welcome to the World!
  • Heartiest congratulations and praise God for the new life!


  • Thanks for all your help.
  • I owe you big time.
  • Thanks for being there.
  • I'll never forget your kindness.
  • Thank you for being my biggest supporter. I couldn't do it without you.


  • I'm sooooo sorry. Please forgive me.
  • Accept these flowers in place of the words I said
  • I may not be perfect, but my apology is close
  • I stuffed up! I'm so sorry!
  • I'll never forgive myself...but I'm hoping you will. I'm sorry
  • I'm wrong - you're right
  • OOPS!
  • Will these keys let me out of the doghouse? I'm sorry
  • Accept these flowers in place of words I said.


  • My love for you grows and grows with each passing day, month, year.
  • Thank you for the memories of yesterday, for the happiness today, and the promise of all tomorrows! Happy Anniversary!
  • Our love is a journey, with a beginning but no end. We will walk the path together forever.
  • Every year is sweeter than the last
  • Still looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you
  • I love you today, as I did from the start. I'll love you forever, with all of my heart. Happy Anniversary!


  • My thoughts are with you at your time of need
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We are sorry for your loss.
  • May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.
  • Our heartfelt condolences
  • Fondest remembrances
  • In loving memory
  • Our deepest sympathy on your loss