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玫瑰花束適合不同情況。我們提供各種各樣的玫瑰。我們的花店專家都會為您提供適合任何場合的玫瑰花束。我們為所有下午十二時前的訂單提供當日送貨服務。 玫瑰花在任何場合都是送給至愛的最佳禮物。坐下來、放鬆,讓我們為你送上鮮花。
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Roses are The Most Classic Flowers

As classic as they are, Roses are the most common and timeless flowers. They are used as symbols of romance and passion in movies, TV commercials, and print ads. Rose flower bouquets are highly romanticised as an expression of passion. One can assume that everyone loves roses. Roses are the classic examples that come to mind when we think of flowers. A rose bouquet is thought to be a dreamy, romantic gift that hopeless lovers send to their partners. Here at Flower Chimp Hong Kong, Roses are some of the best-selling flowers in our collection. This is no surprise as some of our favourite bouquets come with elegant rose selections. 

Roses are not only limited to showing romantic feelings. They have several meanings based on their colour, occasion, and recipient. Some roses make a great birthday gift for a friend or on Mother's Day, while others are more suited for a wedding anniversary. Lighter coloured roses are great as gifts for a baby shower or a business reception. 

Order Roses at Flower Chimp Hong Kong 

Enough talk about roses and how great they are. You’re now ready to order roses at Flower Chimp. Before that, here are some rose bouquets you have to look at:

The list above are popular bouquets that we simply love. Each one with its own signature colours and textures, these roses are stunning and made to bring out the wow factor for any occasion. There’s no better time to pick your roses. Today, Flower Chimp Hong Kong offers same-day delivery on roses and more. Simply pick the bouquet you like, add it to-cart, and complete your purchase. It’s so easy! Be sure to place your order before 1PM to get your bouquet delivered by the end of the day.

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