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When the hassle of maintaining fresh flowers stops you from appreciating their beauty, artificial flowers are a great alternative. We have dispelled the myth that artificial flowers are unsightly or unpleasant in any way to smell or look at. Since not everyone can afford to constantly take care of fresh flowers only to have them wilt every two weeks, many florists now cater to your preference for artificial flowers thanks to the advancements in technology!

Artificial flowers are available in just as wide a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours as fresh flowers. Depending on your needs and preferences, artificial flowers can be crafted from a variety of materials. There are advantages and disadvantages to using various types of artificial flowers, so it's important to consider all aspects. The price, the material they're made of, and how realistic they look will probably be your top priorities. 


Real Touch Flowers

Types Of Artificial Flowers


Now that you have Real Touch flowers, you might want to stop complaining about how unrealistic fake flowers are. Real touch, also known as natural touch, is a technology developed over the past 20 years for use in the production of artificial flowers. The process of making Real Touch flowers is entirely computer-controlled.

A wide variety of fabrics and plastics are used to create the realistic textures of Real Touch flowers. Material is coated with a special chemical that, once dry, provides a finish that feels just like real flower petals or leaves. Artificial Orchids, made in this way, are among the most demanded artificial flowers on the market.


Silk Flowers

Types Of Artificial Flowers


Artificial flower shops offer a dazzling selection. If mass-produced silk flowers were to be made from 100% real silk, the price tag would be through the roof. Silk flowers, on the other hand, are made from polyester fabric, which has a similar sheen and finish.

In addition, the amount of plastic in a high-quality silk flower is lower than that of a low-quality one. And the plastic used is frequently "flocked," which just means textured to mimic the natural fuzzy feel of its natural counterparts. Even after close inspection, high-quality artificial flowers would be hard to distinguish from their natural counterparts. Nothing about them seems fake, not the pistons, not the petals, not the carpals, not even the stems!


Leather Roses

Types Of Artificial Flowers


Leather roses are exactly what their name implies: roses handmade from leather. Leather roses are commonly used to make an impression that lasts longer than a bouquet of real roses but still conveys the same sentiment. Flowers crafted from leather last longer and hold up better in adverse conditions because of this.

Even though many online florists offer leather roses for delivery, many customers still prefer to try their hand at creating their own. The process entails a number of steps, including, but not limited to, dying, cutting, and wiring. In order to shape flowers with a flower iron, only genuine leather or suede should be used.


Painted Flowers

Types Of Artificial Flowers


Finding artificial flowers in the exact shade needed can be challenging for some. Florists can assist you by giving your artificial flowers a new coat of paint or a new shade of dye. One of the many advantages of working with artificial flowers is that they retain their colour and never wither.

To ensure the colour stays put on the flowers, different types of artificial flowers use different kinds of dye/paint. There are florists who use acrylic paint and painstakingly hand-paint each petal to achieve the desired colour. Painted artificial flowers will open up a world of possibilities when it comes to making lovely decorations. 


Although there are a few artificial flower types that you can choose from, you can even mix them with fresh ones! Many florists are more than happy to craft artificial and fresh flower bouquets for you.