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Looking for a gift for a guy to express how you feel about him? It would be thoughtful if you could send him flowers just like he usually does for you, but often, we ask ourselves if it is okay to send flowers to men. Well, it may come out as a surprise, but times are changing and flowers really are a perfect type of gift for the men in your life. Nowadays in the modern world, flowers are not only for women anymore. Flowers are now universal and are perfect for all of life’s occasions.

When it comes to flowers and gifts, it is very common till this day that most are catered to women because women are the popular recipient after all but we understand your struggle! It is not easy to pick the right flower arrangement when it comes to sending it to them as a gift to a man. Often flower arrangements may come out too feminine and we would worry if it is something that the recipient would appreciate receiving.

Not to worry because we have got you covered! Continue reading and find out what are the best flowers and gifts you can send to the men in your life!

The Best Flowers and Gifts For Men



Dreamy sprays of pink lilies and carnations, dazzling red roses and white ping pongs, decorated with eucalyptus parfivolia and murraya leaves. Let our alluring Alice arrangement sweep you away into a magnificent wonderland with every beautiful bloom.

Bloom In Blue

Just like the sun, brighten someone's day with our Bloom In Blue flower bouquet. Not only does it expresses your good intentions but the rosebuds convey your love for them too. This flower arrangement is decked with the most joyous sunflowers, accompanied by white rosebuds.

Frosted Frolic

An escape into a winter wonderland, with a touch of magic in every petal. Let yourself be spellbound by our Frosted Frolic arrangement, that will enliven your space and make it shimmeringly special.


Taking you straight to the city of love, this sweet arrangement is decked with stunning red and white/cream roses while being accompanied by delicate baby's breath. - Express your heartfelt emotions of love and devotion by sending your special someone this wonderful give of L'amour.

Trinity Box Deluxe Edition - Illuminous

A flourishing arrangement so charming, you're sure to be left spellbound - our Illuminous Trinity Box; ornately decorated with purple calla lilies and hydrangeas, white eustomas, chamomile and murraya leaves. Illuminate the day with a flower arrangement so exquisite that all your dreams could come true!

The best occasions to send flowers to men.

Flowers can be given for simply any occasion! As much as women love receiving them, men love to get flowers for the same reasons too! For similar occasions they often send to women, women can too return the thoughtful gesture for the same occasions! For example, birthdays, anniversaries etc, or as another option, women can also send flowers to celebrate their success at work. Flowers for men are technically the same gift when it is given to women; the gift of love. So express your love for the men in your life with the gift of beautiful flowers because as much as women love receiving flowers (sometimes for no reason at all), a gift of flowers for him will do the exact same trick!

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