May 23, 2022 3 閱讀分鐘

Men are simple creatures. Their life long goal is to be able to do nothing - a clear mind, no duties, no busyness. For most families in Hong Kong, the father is the head of the family. Being the patriarch can be tiring – making decisions, managing finances, keeping the honour – it’s a life-long duty. But that one day we take to celebrate our dad, we do it right. A gift for dad would be the best way to say “I love you and appreciate all you’ve done for us” without uttering a single word. Albeit the simple nature of men, not any gift would suffice. We should put thought and care into a bespoke gift to make his Father’s Day extra special. 



We’ve done the work for you! Before you jump the gun to buy Dad a gift, here are some questions you must answer - a couple of things you need to know before you start the hunt for a gift for Dad. To go one step further, we’ve compiled some suggestions of gifts that would put a smile on his face.


Would it help make his life easier?

Men love solving problems. That’s why they love working on things – cars, home DIY, gardening, toys etc. Consider something that he could use to solve a problem or fix. It could be a tool, an appliance, or a model kit of his favourite airplane.



One of fathers’ love languages is to make life better for everyone. A fixer-upper that benefits the whole family is something that he’ll revel in for a long time. He might even go bragging about it to his friends.

Suggestion: A barbeque grill, a Dyson vacuum cleaner, or a home gardening kit would be perfect.



Does he need a new one?

Dads are notorious for using clothes, shoes, and accessories way over their expiry date. Think about it – we often see dads wearing torn shirts, worn out shoes, or tattered wallets. Part of the reason why is that they often see these as luxuries and deprive themselves of it. A father would rather spend his money on his children or wife.



Get dad something he absolutely needs. Add a little twist to the item with his favourite pop culture reference and watch him light up with excitement.



Suggestion: Star Wars t-shirt, biker’s leather jacket, a pair of loafers



Will it be a pleasant surprise?

Everyone loves surprises – the pleasant kind of course. Dad would love something out-of-the-ordinary showing up at his doorstep this Father’s Day. Choose something he would never expect.



Ultimately, it is the thought that counts, so even if he doesn’t fancy the gift, he’ll appreciate the gesture. There are a whole bunch of gift ideas we could think of to answer this question but here are some we think will do the trick.

Suggestion: Fresh flowers, A manicure/pedicure spa voucher, a Dad teddy bear.


These are just the few vital questions we could ask ourselves when choosing a present for Dad. Flower Chimp has more options for Father’s Day gifts you could order online with just a few clicks of a button. Go ahead and choose any one of these below.