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It’s not so often you’d hear about the holiday “White Day” as it’s not a commonly celebrated event in most countries. It’s a holiday almost only celebrated in Asian countries and cultures. White Day started out in Japan in 1978, a day of tradition where men would give gifts back to the women in appreciation of the gifts they received during Valentine’s day, when women give gifts to men. A day of men reciprocating the feelings of the women who appreciate them, it’s also meant to return the favor between friends, couples, or professions of love.

Valentine’s Day is commonly known as the day of love, a popular holiday for couples to go on romantic dates and for people who wish to confess to their crush. This romantic holiday's origin is shrouded in mystery. The common story is that it is a celebration of a feast day for St. Valentine’s. No one knows the exact reason why he became the reason for this holiday, but a popular story is that St. Valentine wrote the very first Valentine’s Day letter, sending it to a woman he fell in love with and ending it with the signature “from your Valentine” an expression still used today.


Cultural Similarities and Differences

Both Valentine’s Day and White Day are similar in the fact that they are both romantic holidays. Both of them are all about celebrating the love and romance between two or more people. The tradition of giving gifts like chocolates, flowers, and even toys and jewelry are present in both. They are days where people often confess their love, or for friends to express their platonic relationship. A wonderful day of love, passion, and gratitude.

The main difference between the two holidays is that White Day is primarily celebrated in Asian cultures, most notably in Japan. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide, it is a popular celebration of love that is present in every country. Culturally, White Day is celebrated as a holiday after Valentine’s Day, meant to be a secondary holiday to the day of love as a way for couples to reciprocate the feeling and love they were given on Valentine’s Day. White Day also went by a different name before, it was called “Answer Day” meant as an expression of answering the feelings of those who confessed.

What’s interesting about these two holidays is that in Asian culture, women are the primary gift givers during Valentine’s Day and the men are meant to give gifts back to the women who gave them gifts during Valentine’s on White Day. If the men who were given gifts failed to reciprocate, it is seen to be rude and “unmanly”. In modern days gender now has nothing to do with who gives when, as long as they reciprocate the gift on White Day.

What is even more interesting is that the type of gift you give will be determined by how you want to answer the person’s confession during Valentine’s Day, although this is seen more as a superstition rather than the truth. It’s common to have a card when giving White Day gifts to clear up any misunderstandings that might occur.

  • Cookies: I love you.

  • Candy: I like you.

  • White Chocolate: Let’s just be friends.

  • Marshmallows: I don’t like you. At all.

  • Chocolate: It’s just an obligation.


What Exactly Makes Them Different?

As mentioned earlier, White Day is a holiday that comes after Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, and White Day is celebrated on March 14th, a whole month after the day of love. In Asian countries, Valentine’s Day is known as the day of confession of love, and White Day is meant as the day of answering those confessions via giving back gifts.

Speaking of gifts, the type of gifts given during these holidays are different as well. Traditionally, on Valentine’s Day the typical gift is a bouquet of roses, and maybe some chocolates. On White Day the gifts they give are primarily treats, like chocolates, candies, cookies, and the like. Nowadays, the type of gift does not matter anymore as long as it’s meant to be a gift given back.


Gift Ideas For White Day

As the name suggests it’s tradition that reciprocation gifts are meant to be white as symbol of pure intentions and hopefulness of pursuing a relationship. But now as long as the gift is meant to be an expression of an answer to a gift given, any kind of gift is accepted.



The most popular reciprocation gift during White Day is chocolate, most of the time people from Asian countries would make them at home, but store bought chocolates are an accepted substitute as long as the thought and feeling of the person remains. Accompany the chocolates with some stunning flowers and they’ll sure to be pleased with your gift.


Chocolate Romeo

Trinity Box - Only One

Golden Devotion



A common mostly given to friends and platonic relationships. This is a popular gift with students and colleagues who have no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship or a serious relationship. It’s a simple way of letting the person who confessed to you down.



A popular White Day gift of couples who already are in a relationship. It’s also a common present of confession and reciprocating such feelings. A sweet treat with a sweeter message. It’s also common for the cookies to be chocolate chips, but other types like sugar cookies and red velvet are becoming popular.


Flowers Bouquets

Flower bouquets are popular gifts among boys and men to give to their ladies. Especially when they want to pursue a more serious relationship with them. A flower bouquet is commonly accompanied by chocolates and sweets as a way to highlight the amount of love and affection they have for their partner.

Blushing Ballad

Clouds of Affection




A gift popular among more long term relationships. It’s a gift used to express the commitment the two partners have made and just how much they love each other. It’s also popular among students who are courting, meant to be a promise of long days of love and appreciation. It’s a sweet and romantic gesture for all ages during this romantic period of their relationship.



Celebrate the culmination of passion and appreciation on both Valentine's Day and White Day, as these two occasions offer unique opportunities to express love and affection through heartfelt gestures and thoughtful gifts. While Valentine's Day traditionally focuses on romantic love, White Day provides an opportunity to reciprocate those feelings and express gratitude to loved ones. Both days are filled with the exchange of flowers and gifts, symbolizing the depth of emotions shared between individuals. Whether it's a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day or a sweet treat on White Day, these gestures serve as tokens of love and appreciation, strengthening bonds and creating cherished memories. Embrace the essence of both celebrations and let the spirit of love and generosity flourish in your heart and relationships throughout the year.