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April 28, 2022 3 閱讀分鐘

It’s not easy finding a gift for mum. “Haiyaa, no need to get me anything!” she bellows each time her birthday or Mother’s Day comes around. But a gift is the best way to tell her you appreciate her lifelong sacrifice and love towards your family. So, what gift do you get Mom this Mother’s Day? Before we answer that question, we need to understand how the Asian mother works.

Enter the Tiger Mum – the fierce, strict, all-seeing mother who brought us up to be who we are today with the best intentions. All of us have experienced the might of our Asian mum. You know, the strongest woman in our lives. She cooks, cleans, preps the kids for school, tucks them in at night, ferries them to after school activities, and an all-round supermom. Yet, she deserves the best. Flower Chimp is here with a spread of options for that ideal Mother’s Day gift.


Flowers Galore

When in doubt, go for flowers. A bright bunch of blossoms is the perfect treat to show mum that you love her. Imagine a surprise gift of blooms showing up at your doorstep and realising it is Mother’s Day. Chances are, she’ll forget it’s her special day because, as always, she only thinks about the welfare of others – especially her family.

Not sure what flowers to go with? No worries. We recommend that you choose her favourite flowers. If you’re still clueless on what Mum likes, get a bouquet with Carnations. Carnations symbolise devotion and care – the embodiment of a mother’s role in the family. Other flower types you could choose are Tulips, Lilies, Gerberas, Sunflowers, Daisies, or the ever-classic Roses. Top it off with a sweet message of how much you love her and all the great things she’s done for the family.


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Let Mum wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Roasted coffee beans are perfect for the hardcore coffee lover. We’re not talking Starbucks. A pack of artisan beans handpicked from the farms of South America and roasted with smoky caramel and citrus blends is ideal for the caffeine lover. Alternatively, you could cheat and get mum an instant coffee maker, the kinds with the capsules. Nespresso capsules are great for that quick coffee fix.


Comfy Bath Robe

Most members in an Asian family aren’t huggers. We rarely hug and show affection. One way to give Mum a hug is to get her a warm, fuzzy bath robe. She’ll love the warmth and comfort of the bath robe on a cold winter’s day. Choose a robe made of cotton for quick absorption of water. This way, she won’t have to dry off too long.

Mother’s Day gifts aren’t limited to parents only. Men, get your wife a Mother’s Day gift of a sexy, silky dressing gown as a playful present. She’ll love the smooth, pampering texture of the robe and surely reward you for it.


Air Fryer

Sometimes, the best gift is one that Mum will use to her heart’s delight. If Mum loves to cook, an air fryer might just be the best present to give. Air fryers are conventional cooking appliances that use pressurised air to heat and cook meals.


You can make anything from steaks, fries, and vegetables, to cakes, fried rice, and noodles in an air fryer. What’s better, there are thousands of recipes for air fryers that Mum could experiment with. Gone are the days of stove-top cooking. Say hello to modern-day easy cooking ideas.


In a nutshell, the gift suggestions above are great on their own, even better when combined. Mum would love an air fryer with a fresh bunch of flowers waiting, or a bathrobe after her shower with the fresh smell of coffee wafting through the air. Be creative and mix-and-match gifts to get the most out of this Mother’s Day 2022. Need more suggestions? Why not try these selections: