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Chinese New Year 2024

Chinese New Year celebration comes just once per year yet when it does, it brings only optimism. Among all the customary Chinese festivals, the Lunar New Year is likely the most complex, brilliant, and significant. The purpose of this is is that it is a time for the Chinese to congratulate each other and themselves for venturing into the new year. It is a way of bidding farewell to the old and inviting the new year with a new year journey ahead.


Quick Chinese New Year Gifts!

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Turning Over A New Leaf

According to the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year is often observed on the first day of the First Moon. The Chinese New Year (similar to the Western New Year) represents a new beginning as we enter the new year. It is also known as a season for family, companions, and family members to reunite. This particular event is focused on the importance of family. To be honest, the Chinese New Year's Eve supper gathering is possibly the most important family event of the year.

Chinese New Year may be somewhat different this year because of the tough situations we are in right now but do not let that be the reason why your relationships should not blossom this year. This year we should allow every relationship of ours to bloom as we have been given nothing but time. The most ideal ways for us to allow our connections to prosper is to send the endowment of adoration and appreciation to our family, friends and family members. Continue reading and discover what are the best flowers and gifts  that you can send to your family, companions and family members this Lunar New Year.

The Best Chinese New Year Flowers and Gifts

The Best Chinese New Year Flowers and Gifts


This classic arrangement of red roses is presented in opulent wrapping paper and has been given special attention to detail. This beautiful arrangement, which features 12 red roses and is presented in a box designed in the manner of Korea, is a great choice of present for romantic occasions, anniversaries, or birthdays.

The Best Chinese New Year Flowers and Gifts


A mix of red roses and white statice are arranged into a bouquet. A bouquet that is beautifully wrapped to perfection and is appropriate for any occasion may contain red roses, which simply represent your passion, genuine love, and desire, while white statice may be used to convey the depth of your honesty. This is the gift that says everything you want to say about your love and your intentions without you having to utter a single word.

The Best Chinese New Year Flowers and Gifts


Add a little twist to your Chinese New Year gift this year with this package, which guarantees nothing less than a pleasurable experience, you can savour some of the tastiest foods that Europe has to offer, in addition to other delectable offerings. What's not to like about this, considering it includes chocolates, cookies, and drinks?

The Best Chinese New Year Flowers and Gifts


Bring home the finest Box of Banquets this CNY Imagine all of the luxurious foods and delectable desserts that you would be able to indulge in at a lavish dinner, and then picture that exact same experience being brought to the doorstep of a lucky individual. This assortment of wonderful presents will unquestionably take the atmosphere to a higher level.

The Best Chinese New Year Flowers and Gifts


Usher into the new year with our beautiful boxed bouquet Amber Essence. This toasty arrangement will enliven the ambiance with your favourite season's maple leaves, and it will remind you of a pleasant breeze that blows in the fall, when the air is crisp but the sun is still warm.


This Chinese New Year, we profoundly urge you to send propitious flowers and gifts to your friends and family to celebrate the season of togetherness as we enter the Lunar New Year. We realize times are extreme at this moment, however, let us not underestimate anything. Tell your friends and family you love them and offer them your gratitude. Make the most of each moment as each moment is genuinely valuable. 

Flower Chimp Hong Kong offers same-day delivery for all orders placed before 2pm. You may likewise arrange ahead of time to ensure your friends and family will get their special gifts in time for the CNY celebrations. Nothing is more remunerating than the most cheerful grins in this period of harmony. Placed an order today and allow your Lunar New Year festivities to prosper. It very well might be a little extraordinary this year, but love knows no distance and with Flower Chimp Hong Kong, we are glad to be able to keep your connected while you stay safe at home.