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Hong Kong facts and curiosities

The appearance of immigrants in huge numbers helped launch a brand-new Hong Kong as a prime manufacturing hub. It moreover introduced economical and corporation stimulation to the city.

In recent years, because the economic system of Mainland China has opened up, Hong Kong has turned right into strong and advanced economic system besides also into a critical gateway to the world’s largest economy, China.

On top of the impressive economic achievements Hongkongers, as they use to call themselves, have made, they are cute people with an amazing heart and values as respect, caring and admiring have a fundamental role in the Hong Kong society. Bringing a small gift when you are invited at an Hongkonger’s place is considered well mannered.

Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

Causeway Bay is a very busy neighborhood on Hong Kong Island. It’s filled with numerous eating places and stores, and also Hong Kong’s important library and the Island’s largest public park.

Among all its virtues, causeway Bay highlights one main aspect, and one main aspect only: shopping. From enormous buying shops to nearby shops, and from excessive-end style to inexpensive, Causeway Bay has all a shop lover may dream of.

Flowers: from ancestral Egyptian society to a modern habit

Just a single flower or a huge bouquet might express specific love, remembrance, apology, or be a considerate gesture. In human history, flowers have played a sizable function as gestures and gifts. Although precise meanings and traditions might change, flowers continue to be part of human connection.

Out of curiosity, the earliest documentation of flower shipping dates back to the Egyptian times, around 2500 BCE. In the Egyptian society, flowers were majorly used for preparations of dinner tables, home décor, and solemn occasions. From the Egyptians to the whole world, sending flowers as long became an undeniable tradition of many societies.

Flower Chimp's Causeway bay flower

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